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1. Exclusive members discount on our range of jewellery.
2. Servicing orders for Customized jewellery.
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6. Certified Big Diamond Solitaires at wholesale prices directly from our factory.
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8. Special discounts on Birthdays on Diamond.
9. Your personal consultant on all your Diamond and jewellery needs.

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Surat Diamond Jewellery provides quality jewellery to customers around the world at prices that will fit your budget. Whether you want to send diamond jewellery to India or purchase something for your personal jewellery collection, you will find something perfect at our online jewelry store @ discount price. The best way to save money on a new bracelet, necklace pendant, sets for wedding birthday & anniversary or other jewelry is to register for Diamond Club Membership.

Joining The Diamond Club is easy and registration can be completed in less than a minute. Complete the short membership form to sign up as a member of the club and begin saving money on gold jewelry sets for wedding, birthday & anniversary, earring & rings, as well as enjoying the many other benefits of membership.

There are added benefits to new members, including gift certificates and drawings for jewellery prizes. Information about these incentives and the latest winner can be found on our website. Register for Diamond Club Membership today!